COVID-19: Settling In

For the third year in a row, I am writing a blog on the status of Covid-19.  As time goes on, there are fewer new things to say about it.  In addition, it seems that the public has made their peace with its presence, as it no longer is dominating conversations or is foremost amongst people’s fears.

While it is realistic to accept that this virus is becoming endemic—meaning that it may indefinitely be a part of the infections that occur at a low level on a regular basis throughout our country—it is also important to keep in mind that cases could spike if the virus mutates into new forms—as this virus has had a habit of doing over the last 3 years.

Thus, it remains important to follow guidelines on ways to minimize your risk: get vaccinated and keep up on your boosters, wear masks when in crowded indoor spaces.  We now know that people who are fully vaccinated are less likely to die or become seriously ill from Covid-19.  Furthermore, they are less likely to have one of the most unpleasant consequences of an infection: “long Covid.”

Some people have heard about getting myocarditis (heart inflammation) from the vaccine.  But this is extremely rare and much less likely than getting myocarditis from the virus, not to mention the fact that people who develop viral myocarditis get much sicker.

So, please don’t look to the internet to get your medical information—talk to your personal physician, who is better informed than the people who like posting their opinions online.  Don’t ignore this virus—use these guidelines to keep yourselves and your fellow citizens healthy.

Greg Koshkarian, MD, FACC


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Gregory Koshkarian, MD, FACC